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  • How do we know the FUN BUS is safe?
    That’s a good question—and we never joke about this. The easy way to find out is to go online to This is a US government website, and you can review the safety and inspection record of every registered US carrier. Go to the “company snapshot” tab, then type in our registration number—USDOT 907499. It will provide the most up-to-date safety and insurance information. In addition, the USDOT mandates that we participate in a drug-testing program. Prospective drivers must take a pre-employment drug screen and active drivers are subject to random drug-testing within our company program.
  • How can I get more information about The Fun Bus?
    If you want more information about safety, our drivers or our tours, ask us for references. You can find some of these on our website. Go to the home page and scroll down for “Testimonials”. These are all “unsolicited” comments about our coaches, our services, our drivers and/or our tours.
  • What if I have a medical or physical condition? Can I ask for a seat up front?
    Yes. In certain instances, such as recent (2 years ago doesn’t count) knee or hip surgery, a broken leg, or similar issues—it’s in everyone’s interests on the coach to place those persons at the front of the coach. It makes it much quicker and easier to load/unload our passengers with those conditions.
  • Are there seatbelts on The Fun Bus?
    Motorcoaches are not required by law to have seatbelts installed. All motorcoaches do have “high-back” seating, and your forward motion in the event of a crash is limited by the seat in front of you. They are specifically designed to improve your safety in the unlikely event of an accident.
  • Are seats assigned on The Fun Bus?
    Only the bad people have assigned seats. Noisy ones HAVE to sit in the back, and the shaky ones have to sit up front so we can keep an eye on them. Otherwise, we have “open” seating which allows to you pick the seat that you prefer. Often, we will ask “single” travelers to sit together, in order to accommodate 2 people traveling together. If you have a seat preference, you are always welcome to come to one of the early stops and pick the seat you want!
  • Can I reserve the front seat?
    No. Unfortunately, we can’t reserve seating. You can however, select an early stop to pick a seat near the front. If you tend to get carsick, a seat near the front is likely better for you. Obviously, we don’t want to make you sick, but we also have to be fair to every one traveling on the FUN BUS. Believe it or not, some of our passengers prefer to not have the front seat because they think it’s less comfortable. On most coaches, the front seat offers no more leg room than any other seat, AND there are no footrests.
  • What else can you tell me about The Fun Bus?
    That’s pretty much it! Our coaches are clean, safe, dependable. Our drivers are friendly, professional and some even have a sense of humor! We know how to make our trips enjoyable for everyone, and they’re affordable. What else is there?
  • How often does The Fun Bus stop?
    It depends on the route we travel, but we always stop at stop signs, traffic lights and RXR crossings! On some trips, we even stop at flea markets and yard sales! In addition, we frequently stop at WalMart, Meijer and Kroger (the parking lots, not the stores!) Otherwise, expect a rest break every 2.5 to 3 hours.
  • Do I have to wear a nametag on The Fun Bus?
    No, No and NO! We figure that YOU already know who you are and if you want someone else to know—you will probably just introduce yourself! We also don’t do other silly things that some travel companies do—left or right side off first, front or back off first, etc. SO—-sit where you want, exit the coach when you want and even keep your identity a secret if you want!
  • Are there restrooms on The Fun Bus?
    Yes. Maybe not quite as fancy as your ones at home, but just as clean. All our full size coaches are equipped with a restroom. However, we don’t permit the use of magazines or newspapers while you visit our facilities—-if you know what we mean!
  • Is The Fun Bus just for old people?
    Absolutely not! We certainly welcome the older crowd to travel with us, but most of our senior travelers are pretty energetic! Many active seniors travel with us, but you will see travelers of ALL age groups traveling with us! One of the reasons that many seniors travel on the FUN BUS are that everyone gets treated with equal respect, regardless of age.
  • Is there an age requirement?
    No, there is no age limit to ride; however, we expect that a parent, guardian or responsible adult will travel with smaller children. Also, keep in mind that motorcoaches are not required by law to have seatbelts, and our young passengers are not required to utilize car seats, booster seats or infant seats. Also, since there are no seat belts, child car seats will have to be attached to the seat by a means other than a seatbelt. Securing a car seat to the coach seat is the responsibility of the parent or guardian.
  • How do I make a reservation to travel on a Fun Bus Adventure?
    That’s pretty easy! Just call us at 740-653-4600. We’ll need your name, address, and phone number. Once you do that, you have 10 days to make payment, either a 50% deposit or the entire amount of the trip. If you are traveling on a casino trip, we do need a little more information. In addition to the basic information for yourself, we also need the names, addresses and dates of birth for all persons in your party. Unfortunately, we are not able to take reservations online at this time, but it is currently in the development stage.
  • How do I pay for my Fun Bus Adventure?
    We can accept a personal check, money order, Visa, MasterCard or Discover cards. Sorry, but we cannot accept garden vegetables or farm animals as payment. In most cases, you have the opportunity to make a deposit payment of 50% of the trip cost, with the balance due 30 days prior to the trip’s departure. On reservations made within 30 days, we require full payment within 10 days of the reservation. For any reservation made fewer than 7 days prior to departure, we require full payment by credit card at the time of purchase. Sorry, but we cannot allow payment to the driver on the date of departure. Our drivers need to focus on the trip and the road ahead. We do offer a payment plan option. The payment plan is for trips that are $300 or more per person and depart at least 4 months from the time of booking. The first payment of 25% is due when booking and then the 3 remaining payments are to be paid over the next 3 months.
  • Does The Fun Bus offer refunds?
    No, we are unable to provide refunds. All sales are final, just as is the case with Ticketmaster, some airlines and other ticket, show and venue outlets. We do have one option that may help. In case the trip is sold out, we maintain a wait list. If you find that you are unable to travel, we will call the wait list and attempt to sell your seats. If we are successful in selling and receiving payment for those seats, we will issue a refund to you. Please review our “Refund Policy” tab for full details.
  • Does The Fun Bus offer Travel Insurance?
    The Fun Bus does not offer travel insurance, however we do provide customers with the information needed to get travel insurance through Roam Right. With COVID-19, the need for travel insurance has never been more important. Should the need arise to cancel a trip with The Fun Bus due to a medical issue such as Covid-19, The Fun Bus is unable to refund trips, but most cases should be covered under Roam Right's policies. To find out more about what is offered visit To receive a travel insurance quote, fill out the form here:
  • What is the legal age to enter a casino?
    To our knowledge, all the casinos that we visit in the United States require a minimum age of 21 years. At last notification, casinos in Ontario have an age requirement of 19 years.
  • Why do you need the date of birth for casino trips?
    We certainly don’t care about your age (as long as you’re legal), but individual state laws require ALL the casinos to collect this information. Failure to provide complete information could result in not receiving your incentive from the casino. Also, having both your address and DOB allows them to differentiate one “John Smith” from another “John Smith” for marketing & tracking purposes.
  • Are young children allowed at casinos?
    Casino areas (other than possibly Las Vegas and Atlantic City) are not typically considered “family” destinations. Children are usually allowed in the hotel and some dining areas, but depending on the location, there is little or nothing that offers any type of family atmosphere. Children of any age are not permitted on the casino floor, with or without adult supervision.
  • Does the price include the ride home?
    Yes, your ride home is included. However, that portion of the trip is free—we only charge for taking you to the event. Our quality standards start to drop after that. It’s YOUR responsibility to be in the right place, at the correct time, on the designated date in order to get your “free” ride home. We have left people at NASCAR races, casinos, football games and even New York City! We will not delay a full coach of passengers by waiting for or looking for you. ONLY YOU know where you are at any given time! Remember our motto—”don’t be late; we won’t wait!”
  • What if I miss the ride home?
    We suggest Greyhound as a start— or 1-800-231-2222 or en Espanol, the number is 1-800-531-5332.
  • Can we bring a cooler onto The Fun Bus?
    Yes. After all, this IS the FUN BUS! However, your cooler size is limited to the amount of space in and under your seating area (usually a “12-pack” cooler will fit). If you need to bring a larger cooler, we’ll store it in the luggage area. You can have access to your large cooler at any stop. Coolers are not permitted in the aisles. If you are in a private group, large coolers can be stored in the seating area, and placed on vacant seats. Again, coolers are not permitted in the aisles.
  • How much luggage can I bring?
    Unless you’re on a long FUN BUS adventure, our drivers would prefer that you leave MOST of it at home! Also, we would like to have enough luggage space for the rest of the travelers. We don’t have an “official” rule on this, but most of our tours should only require one suitcase and one carry-on bag, per person. If you are staying in a New York City hotel, we do have a strict 1-suitcase per-person rule, since NYC bellmen charge for EVERY BAG handled, regardless of size. That includes carry-on bags. If you carried it onto the coach, you are also carrying it to your room!
  • Does the price of the trip include the ticket?
    Yes. If the tour is traveling to an event such as a ball game or concert, the event ticket is included in the price. Your reservationist can provide you with a list of inclusions for any trip.
  • Will my group be seated together?
    Again, this depends on the event (see the explanations above). If we are able to purchase tickets in a block, then we can seat your group together. If we purchase tickets from other sources, then our ability to seat groups together is limited by the availability of the tickets. For most high-demand events, we usually can only guarantee seating in pairs, and occasionally 4 together. Larger and odd-sized (this means groups of 3-5-7, etc—-not your body type!) likely will not be seated together for high-demand events. Tickets from other sources are usually available only in 2’s or 4’s, so don’t expect us to perform a miracle. We’re pretty good at what we do, but even we have limits!
  • Can we bring drinks and snacks onto The Fun Bus?
    Yes. After all, this IS the FUN BUS! Just make sure you have enough for everyone….
  • Can you get tickets to ________?
    Yes. We can get tickets to ANY event, in any city. As long as you’re willing to pay the price, we can get tickets and take you to any event! However, we are not in the ticket business, so we cannot sell you tickets without transportation.
  • Where are my seats located?
    The answer to this question varies, depending on the event. Generally speaking, your reservationist can provide general answers to this question, such as the seating area (lower bowl, club seats, field level between home and 3rd, etc.), but they cannot provide EXACT information (such as section and row). For many of these events, we are able to purchase a block of tickets directly from the team or event promoter. Therefore, seating is much easier to determine. For high-demand events, some NASCAR races and some college and professional football games (OSU home games, as an example) are sold out on season ticket renewals and don’t have tickets available for general purchase. In those cases, it’s necessary for us to purchase tickets from other sources. When we purchase tickets in this fashion, the seating locations are randomly located all over the track or stadium. In this case, the reservationist can’t provide a seat location. You have to trust us—you WILL have a ticket! Face it, you WANT to go, but don’t know how to get tickets. We do—and we CAN! That’s one of the reasons we’re here—for you to see and do things without the hassle of trying to do it yourself!
  • Does The Fun Bus offer catering services?
    Yes. We have several local caterers that can provide everything from box lunches to a complete tailgate party—-sandwiches, salads, chili, drinks, dessert or just about anything else you can think of! Box lunches (we think ours are the best!) are an inexpensive way to feed your group on a day trip.
  • Can we drink "Adult" beverages on The Fun Bus?"
    Yes. After all, this IS the FUN BUS! That’s assuming that you are actually an adult of legal drinking age and continue to act like an adult! However, we reserve the right to limit your consumption if you become unruly, annoying and a threat to other travelers— or yourself! Also, we do not allow kegs or red jell-o shots. Big mess, bad times….
  • Which hotel do we use on the New York Red-Eye trip?
    Let’s think about this for a minute…this trip costs $135 bucks. Do you really think there’s a hotel room included here? The NYC Red-Eye trips depart on either a Thursday (or Friday) evening. We travel through the night and drop you off at or near Rockefeller Center at about 7 am. We pick you back up at 8 pm and travel through the night again, arriving back about 7 am on Saturday (or Sunday) morning. You can get your own hotel room, but why? Your “hotel” on this trip is also your seat on the coach. Bring your pillow, blanket and jammies if you want. We stop 3 times on the way over, with the final stop at a travel plaza in New Jersey, about 1 hour from NYC. You can have breakfast, change clothes, take a shower and get yourself all spiffed up for your day in NYC! Now, to answer your next question: Yes, the driver will have a hotel. He/she will be out in NJ, snoring away all the time you are in Times Square or in Chinatown, trying to buy a knock-off Coach purse. Don’t be calling the driver and waking him/her up! If you need to talk to the driver, wait until after 5 pm.
  • Does the trip include a hotel?
    Yes. If we offer an overnight trip, the required hotel is included. Also, most hotels are now completely non-smoking, so if you are a smoker, expect some inconvenience.
  • Can I organize my own group to go to NYC?
    Absolutely! The FUN BUS travels to New York about 50 times each year, and about half of those are with groups that organize their own trip.
  • How much does it cost to charter (rent) a FUN BUS?
    Not as much as you might think, but every trip is different and here’s why—before we can provide pricing, there are a list of variables that go into pricing every trip. Plus, we have coaches in 3 sizes, and pricing is different for each. Among the questions we ask are: How many in your group? We want to supply the correct coach for your group size and budget. Our shuttle buses are great for local trips and smaller groups. Our 36 passenger coaches cost a little more, but they provide all the amenities of our larger coaches. Finally, our large coaches make sense for longer trips and large groups. What’s the departure point and what’s the destination? Some of our trip costs are determined by mileage, so these answer are vital for us to provide an accurate quote. What’s the duration of the trip? Just as mileage figures into the cost, so does the length of your trip.
  • What if I charter a coach or plan a group tour and have to cancel?
    If you cancel your charter or group trip 30 days or more in advance of the scheduled departure date, all but 10% of the total trip cost is refundable to you. If you cancel inside 30 days, there are no refunds offered. Please review our “Refund Policy” page here: for full details.
  • Why can’t I charter a bus from our local transit agency?
    Actually, it is a violation of Federal law for public transit agencies to offer or provide charter services if there are “willing and able” local private carriers available to perform the service. All public transit agencies receive a subsidy from the Federal government and some also get funding from local and state governments. Most of the money for the subsidies come from taxes on gasoline and diesel fuel, much of which is paid by private business. These subsidies allow public transit agencies to lower some of their costs. If allowed to compete directly with private carriers for the same business, it would create an unfair competitive advantage for the transit agencies. In the event that private companies cannot provide the requested service, a local transit agency may step in to provide the needed service.
  • What if it snows on the date of my trip?
    All FUN BUS adventures will depart as scheduled, unless there is a declared “Level 3” snow emergency—either here or at the destination. Otherwise, expect to travel with us and plan ahead. Your independent decision to not travel will not entitle you to a refund. If weather DOES prevent us from traveling, we will notify you by phone— starting with the earliest boarding locations. Keep in mind that the weather might slow our progress, so we might be late to pick you up. Be patient, but if you need an update, give us a call.
  • What does happen if The Fun Bus runs into bad weather?
    Some weather and driving conditions look worse than they actually are, so drivers have authrotiy to make a decision that is appropriate for the existing conditions. Bottom line, if the driver feels that continuing to travel puts the passengers and/or our equipment in jeopardy, the driver will stop at a safe place as soon as possible. Except in extreme circumstances, the driver will make every effort to put passengers into a public place and not along the side of the road. In some cases, public safety officials or possibly the road conditions may force us off the road indefinitely. If that occurs and we need to spend the night, our FUN BUS team will work to secure reasonably-priced accommodations for the group. In this particular case, individual passengers are obligated to pay for their own room. The FUN BUS will not absorb this additional cost.
  • Does The Fun Bus come with a driver?
    Yes. Unfortunately, the coaches are not remote-controlled and cannot drive themselves. We are not a bus rental agency. Even if your group or organization has the best driver on the planet, we still cannot provide a coach without a driver. Our insurance company really frowns on this! All FUN BUS drivers must participate in a random drug-testing program.
  • How much should we tip The Fun Bus driver?
    Somewhere between $0.00 and $1,000.00! That is the range of gratuities that we have heard about in 25 years. We don’t add a gratuity to any cost. Why? Simply put, we think the driver needs to EARN the tip as a reward for a job well done. That’s why our drivers usually go out of their way to make sure your FUN BUS adventure is enjoyable. Driver gratuities are always appreciated! Realistically, we advise our customers that an appropriate tip is about $2-3 per person, per day on retail trips. Did your driver bring you home in a downpour, snow storm or big traffic jam? That might be worth a little bit more, don’t you think? Our corporate customers generally respond with a gratuity in the range of 10-20% of the charter cost. We can incorporate that into your contract, if necessary.
  • Why don't The Fun Bus drivers wear ties?
    There are absolutely no scientific studies, proving that wearing a tie (especially a clipon!) will make a driver better than one that doesn’t. Also, we think they look stupid on our female drivers (and they agree!). We elected to make our company uniforms professional, but casual—reflecting our company philosophy.
  • Am I required to wear a mask on the Fun Bus for a day-trip or multi-day trip?
    Yes. Per CDC Guidelines for public transportation, masks must be worn while on planes, buses, trains, etc. This requirement is even for those who are fully vaccinated. This mandate is currently in place until 3/18/22. For more information on the CDC Public Transportation Covid-19 Guidelines visit:
  • Am I required to be vacinnated and show my vaccination card to be on The Fun Bus?
    No. The Fun Bus is not able to police the vaccination status of all passengers. However, depending on the destination, proof of vacinnations may be required. Before purchasing a spot on one of our tours, take a few minutes to research the destination(s) and their vacinnation policies.
  • Are your vehicles cleaned regularly?
    Yes! Our amazing Fleet Image team cleans our vehicles between groups and utilizes MicroSure on all surfaces. When a Covid-19 virus molecule touches a surface that has been protected with MicroSure, the molecule is mechanically killed. Fun Bus continues to clean our vehicles to ensure safety from Covid-19 and other illnesses. Watch this short video on how MicroSure combats the Covid-19 virus:
  • Does the Fun Bus provide items on the bus that might have been used by someone with Covid-19?
    No. As the pandemic hit, we removed shared items such as blankets, pillows, & all other shared items, etc. from our vehicles. We hope to replace them soon.
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