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Top 8 Reasons To Travel To Savannah

Savannah has always been a popular trip for The Fun Bus and we thought we would share the top 8 reasons to travel Savannah March 19-23, 2023!

Number 1 - The Squares

Savannah's unusual city layout features 22 different squares that divides the city into wards. Each square features a park like feel named after a historical figure, adorned with either a statue, fountain or monument. Visit Chippewa Square, the most famous of the 22, to see where Forrest Gump sat on a bench to tell his life story!

Number 2 - Southern Hospitality

In the south, the way of life is friendliness. The residents of Savannah are extremely proud of their city and are willing to assist in making your visit go from good to amazing with their help. Savannah natives are known to strike up a conversation in the park or in line for a coffee, to lend a hand or to show you a secret spot around town.

Number 3 - Hidden Gems

Visitors to Savannah can always find those "must-see places," but potentially miss out on various hidden gems throughout the city. Those who like to explore can find garden trails, brick alleys and cobblestone passageways. Off-the-beaten path attractions such as Echo Square, the Graveface Museum, the Water Witch Tiki Bar and more are just steps away and are ready to be explored by you.

Number 4 - Open Container Laws/Rooftop Sips

While Savannah is no where near a party town, the ability to indulge in adult beverages is there. It is not uncommon to see others walking down the street sipping a beer or other alcoholic beverage in a clear cup from one of the local establishments. In fact it is encouraged as the bartender or server asks patrons if they'd like a "to-go cup." Very little rules apply, such as the legal drinking age, drinking from the open containers must stay within a certain area and typical restrictions apply (open container is not allowed in parks, vehicles, etc.).

Nothing tops the experience of having a drink on a rooftop, right? The best way to enjoy Savannah's skyline or the Savannah River is by rooftop bar!

Number 5 - Old Town Trolley Tours

Visitors to Savannah have the ability to hop on board the Old Town Trolley to get around town. Whether the goal is to do as little walking as possible or to learn about Savannah's rich history, this hop on/hop off experience is guaranteed fun for all. The Old Town Trolley offers 1 or 2 day passes!

Number 6 - Magnificent Beauty

The beauty that Savannah has is no secret. Picturesque settings allow for all to take in lush landscapes including the famous sight of the oak trees covered in Spanish moss, Forsyth Park and the Wormsloe Historic Site.

Number 7 - Tybee Island

For those who love the beach Savannah has a laid-back beach community known as Tybee Island. This beach community features the sounds of waves hitting the shore, exciting seafood shacks, stunning cruises, a lighthouse , a handful of local small town shops and more!

Number 8 - Haunted Savannah

Savannah has been known as "America's Most Haunted City" with a legendary history dating back to 1733. For some learning the history of this charming southern city is a goal, but for others, a deep, dark past is just as intriguing. Throughout the years, tragedy, sickness, war and murder have caused souls to linger in the streets, buildings and cemeteries. Various haunted tours are offered via trolley or horse drawn carriage throughout the year. Tours feature historical guides with tales of the area's dark past, include cemetery views and battleground history.

Thinking about joining The Fun Bus on our upcoming tour to Savannah on March 19-23, 2023? Visit for the full itinerary including the boarding locations and pricing. As always, give our office a call to book your spot by dialing 740-653-4600 Monday-Friday 6a-6p!


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